Life support simplified, for more patients, in more places.

Built on more than 20 years of life support experience, TandemLife, provides temporary support for emergent rescue patients in a variety of hospital settings. The LifeSPARC™ system is the next generation of advanced circulatory support. The system is built around a common compact console and pump, and four ready-to-deploy kits. Designed for ease of use, LifeSPARC offers more power and versatility for multi-disciplinary programs to support more patients. Visit us to learn how we can empower your program to deliver breakthrough performance in extracorporeal support.

TandemLife is now part of LivaNova.

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Small Device, Big Potential with LifeSPARC™
LifeSPARC™ is LivaNova’s next generation advanced circulatory support system. Learn more about how LifeSPARC has evolved versus previous generations to offer a new streamlined experience for users. The new platform includes solutions to help simplify temporary cardiopulmonary bypass so that more patients have access to this high degree of support. Life support simplified, for more patients in more places. Indications for Use | Safety Information:
LifeSPARC Life Support Simplified
LifeSPARC Comparison
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